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Make a small bedroom feel bigger
Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should feel as tranquil and relaxing as possible.

14.11.2012 - The ideal is for it to have a warm and welcoming ambience that sooths you as soon as you walk in, but what if you only have a small bedroom, how can you make it a more relaxing room to be in? The most important step is to remove clutter, as the more you have in your bedroom the more cramped it will feel. Take a good look around the room and, first of all, consider the furniture. If there is anything that you can place in another room or pass on to someone else, then do so. If you need every item in there then consider how you can rearrange things. Enlist the help of a friend and try furniture in different positions: its amazing the difference you can make by swapping furniture around. If you have to opportunity to acquire new furniture, consider space saving options such as small shelves instead of bedside cabinets, and folding tables with shelf units above them instead of vanity units. Also, choose double use furniture such as blanket boxes that can be a seat and storage area. Next, cast an eye over the personal belongings you have in there. Do they really need to be in your bedroom? Is there anywhere else they can go, have they been lying around for a while, do you really need them? Get right in there and have a good sorting session. Pass on anything you dont want any more, including clothes, and tidy, rearrange and put away everything else. If you have collections of objects, use decorative baskets to store them together, rather than having them spread around: clearing the tops of all surfaces will instantly create a feeling of space. Next, look at your lamps and other fixtures. Keep accessories small, to suit the room, and this applies to furniture as well. If you are redecorating choose light colours and use an even lighter shade on the ceiling, which instantly gives the illusion of extra height. Dark colours on the walls make any space feel smaller and more closed in, so it is especially important in small rooms to keep the paint as light as possible. To make the room feel cosy you can always add accessories in darker colours. Throw pillows, rugs, drapery and bed linen can all add interest, and coordinating them will also help make your room feel bigger. Creating a centre piece to the room will draw the eye to that area and away from any trouble spots. Try hanging a large picture above the bed or making one of your pieces of furniture a focal point by adding flowers and have the curtains open as wide as possible to allow in as much natural light as you can a well illuminated space will instantly lift your mood. A small bedroom can be a challenge, but it can also feel cosy and unique once youve cleared it and added some personal touches.

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