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   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Hope is one of the finest treasures we can offer
Features24.12.2008 - How the spirit of Christmas lives on even in these troubled times

Ever since Father Christmas caught King Baltazar, one of the three wise kings, on a mission to find out where he got his traditional toys from four or five years ago, the two have become great friends and have a habit of meeting on a rooftop sometime in December. more...
One of the screens that persuaded Hertz that something was going wrong on the website. The small car is shown as Unavailable pre-paid, yet it was available to non-members
Features07.12.2008 - A probe by Island Connections into the booking system at one of the worlds biggest car hire firms could benefit tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

The investigation began following a chance remark by a client who signed up recently to a membership upgrade offered by Hertz but had the paradoxical impression that being Gold did not necessarily bring benefits. Indeed, when making bookings on the website, it appeared to prove something of a drawback. more...
I visited parts of the North of Tenerife I didnt even know existed, over and over again
Features14.09.2008 - It is done, finally. Whether it was the little nip of Bachs Rescue Remedy, the clove of garlic my sister-in-law told me to put in my pocket, the pearl necklace from my mother or maybe the patience of my driving instructor Jos Luis, but finally, at last, at the fifth attempt, I have passed my Spanish driving test. Expensive, but worth it.

Working and living in Dublin up until my late 30s there was little need for a car - OK, maybe those who gave me lifts all over the place would disagree, but it never felt like it was a hindrance, a handicap or a drawback. In fact in many ways not having a car or having to use alternative forms of transport was a plus. more...
Features21.08.2008 - In recent years we have turned into a consumer society. More of everything is craved for, obtained, used and discarded than ever before. As a consequence one of the most serious problems facing industrialised societies is the huge amount of rubbish that our lifestyles produce.

Presently a large proportion of what is thrown out around the Canary Islands ends up in rubbish dumps. This is not only a waste of valuable resources that could be used to create new products, but the dumps also cause serious health and environmental problems. One difficulty is that rubbish tips cover large areas of land and increasingly vast areas of precious space have to be turned into unsightly and dangerous disposal sites. Another of the problems is that over time the waste emits methane which is a highly contaminant gas and one of the principal causes of climate change. more...
Poster issued by the police during the autumn of 1888
Features20.08.2008 - This is a translation of a letter written on 17th May 2005 to the British press by Jos Luis Abad y Bentez of Santa Cruz, the author of the eagerly awaited book which he says will finally reveal who Jack the Ripper really was. more...
Gibraltar is truly magnificent however you view it
FeaturesGibraltar - 17.08.2008 - The Rock rises out of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, bordering Spain to the North and overlooking the Gibraltar Strait to the South.

On the East side of Gibraltar there are many beautiful beaches such as Sandy Bay and Catalan Bay. On the West side (where I spent my recent holiday) there are plenty of bars, restaurants and other entertainment, plus it is where the High Street is situated where you can find all your favourite British stores such as Marks and Spencer, BHS and Primark, as well as off-licenses, jewellers and much more. This side of the island is buzzing with life, day and night. All the goods and services found in Gibraltar are VAT free, which is an added bonus to the British tourist or resident. more...
Valois biography, God, family and business
Features09.08.2008 - They have also been greatly influenced by the finest examples of culture imported by foreign European merchants.

As a result of that foreign presence these islands have also been widely written about since the earliest days after the Spanish conquest as in Le Canarien, a 1402 article in French, an island history in Italian by Torriani or Sabine Berthelots historic account of the islands. But one of the earliest descriptions of life in Tenerife in English can be found in the diaries of an Irishman by the name of Bernard Walsh, or Bernardo Valois as he was known here. more...
Ian and Odette Walker, pictured with ther two childrenRyan and Louisa
Features08.08.2008 - The Canary Islands have traditionally featured prominently among the list of destinations which start out as a holiday location but then become a permanent home for Britons seeking a better or different way of life. The category is not exclusive to the Islands and indeed many other parts of Spain and Europe can boast a similar residential attraction. They include the Dordogne region in south-west France, which is fast attracting not just recently-retired couples but, increasingly of late, younger families who are keen to make a new start away from the UK.

Island Connections travelled to the Dordogne in mid-July to meet one such couple, 45-year-old Ian Walker and his wife Odette, who despite her French-sounding name had no French connection prior to moving to France. more...
Wheelchair protest
Features01.08.2008 - Dawn Seals cant walk unaided or talk completely coherently, but that was not going to stop her getting her point across to Telefnica when she felt they let her down by continually delaying her connection to the Internet but her gutsy determination paid off and she was connected within 30 hours of her public protest.

Dawn was born with cerebral palsy but a remarkable machine made by Prentke Romich helps her to communicate, it is her voice. She cannot use a phone or a mobile so without the Internet she is unable to communicate with absent friends or family and has to be continually accompanied, as should there be an emergency of any kind, she cannot get in touch with anybody. Independence is important for all young people, but for those with mobility difficulties, any level of freedom is harder won and hurts even more when it is removed. more...
Consumers prefer the easy parking and comfortable shopping in the commercial centres
FeaturesPuerto de la Cruz - 25.07.2008 - There are hard times ahead, thats the message on everyones lips as the economy falters and its also something many ordinary traders have been warning about for a couple of years.

Although the cost of fuel has much to do with the current crisis, the bonanza of the past decade or two is well and truly over, leaving many businesses and families in Tenerife on the very edge. But some northern regions, like Puerto de la Cruz, appear to have been suffering a perpetual economic decline. The towns traders put the blame on two principal enemies. more...
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