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You too could enjoy a happy family Christmas
Health06.01.2008 - The holiday season is generally thought of as a time of joy and love, but for many people, its a time of loneliness, stress and fear.
Some people live far from family and miss seeing their loved ones at this time of year, others dread going to holiday parties and New Years Eve celebrations without a partner and end up staying in their flat. Its also common for people to feel emotional distance from the people theyre with, thus feeling lonely even if theyre in a room full of people. We wish to all who feel in this way, the power of the Christmas Spirit.
Mosquitoes are one culprit of the spreading diseases
Health22.12.2007 - Scientists are warning of a serious risk of the spread of infections due to globalisation.
Globalisation is the flow of information, goods, capital and people across political and geographical boundaries. It has many advantages, but has already aided the rapid spread of several life-threatening diseases and many scientists are now warning of the seriousness of this risk to world health. more...
Silent disease spreads
Health24.11.2007 - The so called silent disease, diabetes, is on the increase in Spain. The prevalence of the illness here, with one and a half million sufferers, forced the Spanish National Health System to formulate a special strategy to deal with the problem.
Spanish residents showed the eighth highest contamination level
Health24.11.2007 - A recent study has proved that cigarette smoke contaminates more than any other carbon monoxide source. There are 650,000 deaths each year in the EU of smokers, another 80,000 passive smokers also meet their end annually thanks to the addiction of others. For that reason in March 2006, the EU started a campaign to measure the amounts of exhaled carbon monoxide in the 27 member states, comparing it with the levels in the air and between smokers, passive smokers and those not exposed to cigarette smoke.
Health24.11.2007 - A cancer specialist from the renowned Mayo Clinic in the United States, Antonio Nascimento, was a top speaker during a recent reunion in Gran Canaria.
Health24.11.2007 - According to a report prepared by the Tenerife based association of parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD, or TDHA in Spain), following the third regional meeting of the group in Tenerife last month, up to five per cent of the population, or nearly 18,000 children between the ages of 0-16, suffer from the disorder and have no access to adequate or suitable treatment.
Aids song
Health24.11.2007 - A Beatles hit has been chosen to back a solidarity campaign for those who live with Aids. more...
Many transplant patients go on to lead a full life like these track competitors in Canada
Health07.07.2005 - The National Organ Donors day was celebrated recently in Santa Cruz. more...
Health12.04.2005 - Over-indulgence in alcohol has a devastating effect on your entire body more...
Playing Doctors
HealthCanary Islands - 27.10.2004 - Recent surveys reveal that 32 percent of the Canary Islands population buy antibiotics over the counter without a doctors prescription and that Spain tops the list of countries where medicines are not used properly. more...
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