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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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Health11.07.2013 - The recent Healthy Skin Fair in Gran Canaria brought some good advice to the public eye.

Health09.07.2013 - The Islands government will dedicate 4 million more to the private health service this year, in comparison with 2012.

Health09.07.2013 - The ongoing crisis is apparently having far reaching effects on dental health.

Health07.07.2013 - Echolocation in animals such as bats and dolphins has long been recorded, but a new study suggests that we may all have this innate ability to some degree or other.

Health04.07.2013 - A recent study in the United States appears to give hope to older people in danger of developing type 2 diabetes.

Health09.06.2013 - The Canary Islands expenditure on pharmaceutical drugs fell drastically in the first quarter of this year. more...
Health19.05.2013 - Help for smokers wanting to kick the habit looks to be on its way from an unlikely source, bearing in mind the current cutbacks. more...
Health19.05.2013 - If all goes well the Canary Islands may be the first Spanish autonomous region to legally incorporate the use of complementary medicine into the mainstream health service.
It is already recognised that hu more...
Health18.04.2013 - The Canarian Health Service is now included in the Spanish Digital Clinical Health History scheme (SNS). more...
Health18.04.2013 - The Tenerife Official College of Pharmaceutical Professionals now has a system in place to help disseminate problematic medicines. more...
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