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Electromagnetic radiation
Keep it down
Following the recent International Day Against Electromagnetic Pollution the Ben Magec-Ecologists in Action Group has published a number of recommendations for avoiding over exposure.

30.07.2013 -

Various studies, including one by the World Health Organisation, have shown this type of radiation as a possible cause of illnesses such as cancer, insomnia, infertility and neurological diseases.  In 2011 the European Commission set up the ALARA Network to study effects, disseminate information, and to encourage the use of technology which emits the minimum possible electromagnetic radiation.

Two of the greatest concerns are mobile and wireless phones due to the high percentage of users.  Whilst the fight against, and arguments for, the positioning of transmitter towers continues, Ben Magec has listed several ways in which we can at least minimise potential damage from our phone use.

For instance, try to keep the duration of mobile and wireless phone calls down to a few minutes at a time, and preferably under an hour a day, using the loudspeaker as often as you can so the phone isnt right next to the head while you are using it.

Try not to make or take calls in areas where there is a poor signal as the phone will emit much stronger radiation in an attempt to make a connection.  With this in mind it is also a good idea to not put the phone to your ear until the other person has answered your call. 

Try to keep your phone in a bag rather than a pocket and avoid all contact with all of the bodys most sensitive organs such as the genitals and chest area. Pregnant women should never place the phone near their abdomens and ideally very young children should not be allowed to use mobiles and wireless phones.   And finally, if children are playing games on a phone it is best to turn it onto flight mode.

See: www.ecologistasenaccion.org for more information on environmental and health issues in the Canary Islands

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