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Diet and dental health
The impact of nutrition on the health of your teeth.

17.08.2013 -

A good, balanced, varied diet is not only important from a general medical point of view but is also a significant part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

It also has an impact on the health of your teeth.  Lactic acid and calcium, for example, are essential elements in bone structure such as that of the jawbone, into which teeth are anchored. 

Calcium also plays a role in the health of your teeth.  The recommended daily intake of calcium that doctors suggest for an adult is somewhere in region of 55 grams.  This amount would, for example, be covered by a yoghurt.  Equally important is the correct supply of vitamins to your body.  Vitamins C and D are especially helpful in maintaining healthy teeth.  A lack of Vitamin C in younger years, can, for example, lead to dental problems later on.  An orange or glass of fresh orange juice can lower this risk.  Young people often go for a fizzy drink over a glass of fresh juice these days.  The high levels of carbonic acid and sugar in these soft drinks attack tooth enamel.

This is just one problem to avoid if we are not to put our bodies and our health under pressure from various angles such as being overweight.  A really wonderful thing that we have an abundance of in the Canaries is Vitamin D.  This important element helps the body to grow and repair itself.  The body itself produces vitamin D, but only if it receives enough sun.  Sunbathing twice a week for 15 minutes is enough to let the body produce the amount of Vitamin D it needs.  Thanks to the fabulously sunny climate here, we can cover this vitamin need effortlesly and without even really thinking about it.  With respect to dental health, Vitamin D helps above all to alleviate, halt or even cure inflammatory responses in the body.

A good diet, rich in variety of food items, as well as the right choices when it comes to drinks, has a much bigger influence on dental health than you might at first imagine. 

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