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Accident health insurance
Línea Directa’s medical treatment guarantees quality
With this service, the first of its kind in Spain, each patient saves an average of two months and 15 days in his or her treatment.

15.09.2013 - The treatment is offered free of charge in all policies and covers not only the people travelling in the insured car but also injured third-parties.

At the end of 2004, Línea Directa launched its ‘full medical treatment’ service, a complete private network of health assistance which guarantees those people injured in traffic accidents complete and immediate health assistance.

The service, the only one of its kind in Spain, is totally free and is available to everybody – drivers and occupants – travelling in a car insured by Línea Directa, whether they are to blame for the accident or not, as well as injured third parties.  To operate this service, Línea Directa has created an extensive assistance network by means of collaboration agreements with prestigious medical specialists, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, diagnosis centres and patient transportation service.  Línea Directa also offers its customer services entirely in English and German, acting as intermediaries not only with repair garages, but also with medical centres. 

Thanks to the speed of all the processes included in this service, which makes it possible to reduce waiting times and achieve a better and faster recovery, patients save an average of two months and 15 days in their treatment which allows them to get back to their personal and professional lives much sooner.

This treatment is offered in conjunction with Línea Directa’s ‘psychological attention plan’, which includes professional support both for those people who have been involved in a traffic accident as well as for their closest family members. 


You can find out more about all the benefits available at www.lineadirecta.com or by calling 902 123 104.

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