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Can wine combat depression?
Recently published results seem to show that drinking between two to seven glasses of wine per week has mental health benefits.

29.09.2013 - As part of the larger PREDIMED study covering the advantages of a Mediterranean Diet, 5,500 men and women between the ages of 55 and 80 were followed over a period of seven years.   The study, conducted by a team of Spain's top preventive medical practitioners and clinicians, noted that those who drank heavily were more prone to developing depression but found that those who also indulged, but lightly, were much less likely to develop it.

The results were published in the BMC Medicine journal and have attracted attention worldwide.  Co-author of the study, Martínez-González, who practices preventive medicine at the University of Navarra in Pamplona said, “The findings demonstrate an inverse association between low to moderate levels of alcohol consumption and the occurrence of new cases of depression.”

Moderate amounts of wine are already thought to prevent cardiovascular disease and some believe that the red wine compound resveratrol contains neuroprotective properties.  "Neuroprotection applied to the hippocampus may prevent moderate wine drinkers from developing depression," the study continues.  

Good for the heart and now good for the mind, but not in excess - moderation is once again the key.


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