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Tenerife hospitals
Hypochondria action urged
Doctors at one of the two big hospitals in Tenerife have called for action to be taken to curb the growing number of hypochondriacs who take up the precious time of GPs and even specialists.

Hypochondria action urged

27.11.2013 - Studies conducted by the Psychiatry Unit of the CandelariaHospital show that up to five per cent of visits to doctors’ surgery are associated with hypochondria and the figure might increase further if attention is not focused adequately on the problem.  According to the doctors who carried out the studies, most cases are detected by GPs but many are mistakenly diagnosed and referred to a higher level.  GPs are advised to conduct a thorough medical examination to gain an objective overview of the patient’s health if they suspect that hypochondria is present.  “The key with these patients is to show empathy but also make them aware that they are interpreting their ‘symptoms’ wrongly” recommend the experts, who calculate 20-30 years of age as the period when the condition first begins to manifest itself.  If not treated properly, early hypochondria can become neurotic and lead the sufferer to demand constant medical attention, putting a strain on resources.

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