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Mind training
Life’s ups and downs
Are you feeling down? Don’t panic, here are some tips to help you feel better again.

It’s natural to feel down at times but you can help yourself find your zest for life again
It’s natural to feel down at times but you can help yourself find your zest for life again

17.06.2014 -

Since ancient times, the priority for we human beings has been to survive, and there were certainly some tough times in the past so it is only natural that we exaggerate circumstances in our mind, believing we are being objective when in reality we are blowing things way out of proportion.

Try taking ten deep breaths and then look at things from a greater distance.  Although they might be bad, they are probably not as bad as you conjure them in your mind to be.

Ironically, the way to control your mind is to stop trying to do so, allowing your thoughts and emotions to roll on by without attaching yourself to them, seeing your thoughts the way you watch cars pass by on the road.  This is called meditation and helps immensely with gaining clarity of mind and finding peace amidst the chaos: though it takes practice and perseverance, just like most things that are worth succeeding in.

Life has its ups and downs and it’s normal to feel down now and again; learn to be patient with yourself.  Expecting that you should just spring back up only makes matters worse.  Famous psychologist Albert Ellis used to say, ¨You are should-ing all over yourself.¨ referring to our propensity to punish ourselves for not rising up to our own excessive expectations of what we should do in given occasions.

Emotions provide us with information about ourselves.  Maybe your emotions are telling you that you are off balance and need to change something in your life.  Maybe you feel lonely and could start joining activities you find pleasurable and where you might find like-minded folk.  Or you need to start doing sport, following the ancient Greek saying, “A healthy mind is found in a healthy body” since exercise helps regulate the organism and secrete endorphins.

We are a meaning-seeking species, if we find there is sufficient meaning we are able to endure countless sufferings.  However, in our fast, ever-changing world the meaning is lost sometimes in the individualistic lives we lead.  Oftentimes, we can find that meaning in our social relationships and the way our work helps others and is appreciated.  If your social or work life is not living up to your expectations start changing things slowly but surely.  Due to the dynamic lives we lead it is only natural that you might have to make adjustments sooner or later.

In conclusion, be patient with yourself when you are feeling down.  Listen to what your emotions are telling you about what might be worth changing in your life, but try to see it in its proper light.  Since you are feeling down, you are in an altered state and therefore cannot take your thoughts about the situation to reflect reality.  Try to find balance and practice sports and activities that you find enjoyable to get your zest for life back.  Finally, talk to your friends about your issues or to a professional about your troubles if they are not going away.


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By Ignacio Rosillo

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It’s natural to feel down at times but you can help yourself find your zest for life again 
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