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Alternative health solutions
Pneumatic pulsation therapy
Having a cupping massage which uses the Pneumatron device is a treatment that’s well worth considering.

15.07.2014 -

The Pneumatron is a multi-functional machine for deep massage, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage and cupping.  It works by producing intermittent vacuums which gently pull tissue layers and muscles outwards before they are allowed to once again relax – 200 times a minute.

The constantly changing impulse provides an intensive treatment in comparison with other cupping procedures that generate a constant vacuum.  The tissues are moved and vibrated with enough force to provide benefits, but without discomfort or bruising, in a therapy that is perfect for both curative and maintenance treatments.

Blood circulation, metabolism and lymphatic flow are all stimulated and strengthened, encouraging detoxification and speeding up the body’s healing processes.

The Pneumatron can be used to treat joint pain, back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, migraines and much more.  It is also used in many medical establishments for natural pain therapy without any side effects, as well as by physios and sports therapists for rehabilitation after injuries and to alleviate muscle tension.

There are even a number of cosmetic applications such as scar treatment, face firming and cellulite reduction.   During the last two treatments mentioned I use oils with special aroma essences and a facial treatment with 100 per cent natural products that come from the company Dulkamara.


Physiotherapist Elena Herz practices in Chayofa, Playa Paraiso and Tuegeste and can also make home visits.  Call: 600424252 for more information or to make a reservation.


By Elena Herz

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