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Relaxation massage
The underrated treatment
Through my long experience as a physical therapist and work in spas, I have experienced how effective relaxing massages can be.

Elena Herz recommends regular relaxing massages
Elena Herz recommends regular relaxing massages

17.08.2014 - Everyday problems and stress can be greatly relieved via a relaxing massage, something that is really important in our busy lives because tension and diseases are frequently linked and debilitating conditions can often be the result of ongoing anxiety and pressure.

The effectiveness of stress relief by regular relaxing massages is often underrated, yet a head-to-toe massage with warm oil, to a background of soothing music, in a pleasant atmosphere can be particularly beneficial. 

Deep relaxation is easily achieved, mind, body and soul can rest and find harmony, and our self-healing forces can be enhanced and brought into use.  A simple relaxation massage can relieve pain, promote improved circulation, and be intensely detoxifying.  Toxins are removed more effectively thanks to the stimulation of the lymphatic system, musculature is relaxed and certain medical conditions can be greatly improved.

To get the best out of a relaxing massage you should make sure that you leave plenty of time.  It is best to book one after your day's work is over or on one of your days off:  It makes little sense to try to slot one into a busy day as the best possible efficacy cannot be achieved if one has to rush to the next appointment.  That applies not only to relaxation massages but to any healing therapy.  I have often seen this to be the case; in fact, the patients I have treated during their holidays have gained much greater benefits than a stressed patient who takes no resting time.  And do not put off booking your massage for too long.  "I wish I had started earlier" or "I'm going to indulge more often now" are statements which I often hear. 

When it comes to choosing which type of relaxing massage you would like, I will gladly help you make your selection by asking a few simple questions.  I myself offer Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot stone massage, Abhyanga massage, manual lymphatic drainage and personally tailored relaxation massages.  All you have to do is give me a call.

Elena Herz is a fully qualified physiotherapist and experienced alternative therapist based in Chayofa in the south of Tenerife and La Laguna in the north.  She can also make home visits.

Call: 600424252 to make an appointment or see: for more information. 

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Elena Herz recommends regular relaxing massages 
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