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Ayurvedic head and neck massage
If you are suffering from stress or anxiety or would just like to experience complete relaxation, then Ayurvedic head and neck massage is just what you are looking for.

07.10.2014 - The physical benefits are many fold.  Stress and tension promote the buildup of toxic products in the body but as the neck and head are given a gentle but deep massage, circulation is improved, helping the blood to transport waste products so they can be excreted.  The release of tension provides a cleansing effect that lasts for much longer than just the massage period and can be ideal for the treatment of various conditions including headaches and tinnitus.

As an added bonus the scalp and hair, deep into the roots, are thoroughly nourished thanks to the special oils used.  

On a different level, the release from tension in the head area allows thoughts to run more freely and a state of clarity to be reached, promoting a profound feeling of relaxation.  

In addition, the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine can be included in this type of massage.  During the experience, gentle pressure is applied to the meridian points on the face and head to release energy throughout the body.  Meridian points are centres of life energy and are otherwise known as the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.  Muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, bones and blood vessels are interconnected via the meridian energy pathways and the treatment of the points has a positive effect on the central nervous system, and thus the whole body.

As a therapist I have seen time and again how this relaxation method can be a useful therapeutic treatment on both a physical and emotional level, loosening blockages and relieving pain.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Elena Herz is a fully qualified physiotherapist and experienced alternative therapist based in Chayofa in the south of Tenerife and La Laguna in the north.  She can also make home visits.

Call: 600424252 or email: to make an appointment or see: for more information.

By Elena Herz

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