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Alternative health
Morning gymnastics from Tibet
The human body is very strong but the old methods of keeping it in good condition are not used enough.

Ancient civilisations give modern-day relief
Ancient civilisations give modern-day relief

13.11.2014 - One of these methods derives from Tibet where specialists recommend it for supporting the blood circulation and the immune, nervous and digestive systems. It is massage for the most important parts of the body, releasing congestions and blockages and helping energy to flow along the meridian lines.

It is recommended that these exercises are done with the eyes closed; each one should be practiced five to 10 times.  Before starting rub the hands together until they are warm.

1)  As soon as you awake, whilst still in bed, rub the ears up and down 30 times.

2)  Put the right hand over the forehead and the left one on top of the right hand.  Massage the forehead moving the hands from left to right, repeat 30 times then relax for a couple of minutes.  This exercise is very effective for headaches, dizziness and circulation to the brain.

3)  Massage the head with the tips of the fingers starting from the forehead and moving down the back of the head, then from the top of the head to the ears; do this 30 times.  This will help blood circulation to the head; and will banish headaches, stress and tiredness.

4)  With the eyes still closed, use the thumbs to massage the eyes from the outer corner to the nose 15 times.  This will help eyesight and the nervous system.

5)  Put the right hand on the throat and the left one over the right one, then move the hands down to the stomach 30 times – this improves the metabolism.

6) Put the right hand on the stomach and the left one over the right hand, then move the hands from left to right 30 times, thus aiding the work of the digestive system.

7)  Breathe in and out from the stomach as hard as possible 30 times, this improves the activity of the liver, gallbladder, the lymph system and the blood circulation.

8)  Lie down, take the left leg with both hands and pull it to the breast, repeat with the right leg then do both legs together.  This helps the genital area and the stomach muscles.

9)  Sit down, put the right leg on the left knee and massage the foot 30 times; do the same with the left leg on the right knee.  This exercise is effective for the whole body, as you press the reflexology points activating different systems, organs and glands in the body.

10)  Put both hands on the back of the neck, close the fingers together and pull the head down to the breast 30 times.  This improves the blood circulation and helps dizziness and stiff necks.

11)  Put the hands on the ears, close them and press 30 times; this will improve tinnitus, headaches and the blood circulation to the head.

After doing these exercises drink two or three glasses of water and relax for five minutes.  The best time to do all this is in the morning after waking up, before a meal or two hours afterwards.


Eugeni Evsikov is a qualified alternative therapist.   Originally from Siberia, since 2002 Eugeni has lived in Tenerife, and works from his clinic in the Hotel Bitacora in Playa de las Americas.  The above is an excerpt from his book Good Health.  For more information call: 699 156147 or see:  

By Eugeni Evsikov 

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Ancient civilisations give modern-day relief 
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