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Pet holiday boom
A recent report for World Travel Market Global Trends by Euromonitor International is advising the UK travel industry to gear up to offer pet-friendly holidays, perhaps not a bad idea for some of the businesses here too.

24.11.2007 - The number of pets in the UK is now estimated at 49 million and the consumer spending on pet products is growing at above the rate of inflation and currently stands at almost three billion pounds sterling. 

Dog owners make up 80 per cent of those looking to holiday with their pets and the market estimate is a growth of six per cent year on year.

Euromonitor claim that pet-friendly travel, presents opportunities for additional revenue growth of up to 30 per cent per year for hotel and travel agents which choose to incorporate pet services, adding that, players catering to pets will be best placed for dynamic returns in the next five years.  It would appear that pets are increasingly being treated as an additional member of the family and their human companions are increasingly reluctant to leave them at home or in kennels and catteries.

The report claims that the UK domestic market could be a major beneficiary of this trend, because of the hassle with quarantine policies, vaccinations, pet passports and all the rest.  However, the same could be said of pet owners here looking for holidays that include all their family.  As an extra incentive the report discloses that the UK pet owners, are prepared to pay a premium to guarantee the health and well-being of their four-legged friends, up to over 30 per cent on standard prices.

The report looked at the online pet service www.petplanet.co.uk, which lists 1,427 mainly hotel establishments across the UK that welcomes pets, adding, considering the success of pet services enjoyed in the US such as PAW (Pets are Welcome) offered at Starwoods W Hotels, it may not be long before other international hotel chains, such as Inter-Continental Hotels and Hilton also introduce similar pet schemes in the UK.

Canarian hoteliers take note.

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