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La Orotava
Land offer for animal refuge
The council at La Orotava has decided unanimously to offer land to the island council for the construction of the badly needed new animal refuge.

Members of the local and island administrations inspect the site
Members of the local and island administrations inspect the site

La Orotava - 22.12.2007 - The land offered is 23,000 square metres in the San Jernimo industrial estate, with excellent access.  During a recent visit to the site by members of local and island administrations, technicians agreed that at first sight it appeared ideal.  The island councillor for agriculture, Jos Joaqun Bethencourt, stated that they would be studying the proposal in detail and if it was found acceptable, they would be proceeding at all possible speed.

The local health councillor for La Orotava, Olivia Faria Prez underlined the urgency of the necessity for the new refuge, given the situation of the boroughs in the area with respect to abandoned dogs in particular and the need for a place where they could be well looked after and kept in perfect condition to be adapted.  Both she and the local mayor Isaac Valencia are in favour of a refuge for dogs, cats and other abandoned animals which is both decent and attractive, somewhere that is not only a refuge but a place for families and residents in general to visit, an open area in which they could enjoy walking and where the animals are well looked after.

Of the four boroughs in the area, La Orotava is the most populace and has by far the most land within its boundaries, making it the ideal place to site the refuge.  The latest records for La Orotava show 40,644 people living in an area of 207.31 km2 in comparison with neighbouring Puerto de la Cruz which has 30,585 people living in just 8.73 km2.

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Members of the local and island administrations inspect the site 
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