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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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Tenerifes Pat the Cat was the victim of a scam
Pets23.03.2008 - Most of us are aware of the great work that K9 do, looking after abandoned dogs and cats, feeding and loving them, with the help of donations and the work of tireless volunteers. Sad then to learn that they as much as anyone can be the victims of scams. more...
All profits go to help the animals at K9
Pets23.03.2008 - Three A level students from the Britannia School have organised a family fun event in aid of K9 animal rescue charity on March 2 at the Rancho restaurant in El Palm Mar. more...
The man left a boxer (similar to picture) and a pit-bull in his car
Pets23.03.2008 - The owner of two dogs which died in a car parked in Los Cristianos (Arona) is likely to face charges over their deaths. According to local newspaper La Opinion the Spaniard (originally from Madrid) who lives in San Isidro, left his boxer and pit-bull terrier in his carnear the beach in Los Cristianos and went for an early-morning swim, only to then spend much of the rest of the dayin the resort following the local Carnival activities. more...
Pets23.03.2008 - With a couple of weeks still to go to Saint Patricks day these iguanas are trying on the colours.
Pets01.03.2008 - Pet Porter is a range of high class ready to wear fashion for discerning and deserving canines.
Pets01.03.2008 - Six lovely cocker spaniel pups are still looking for new homes.
Pets01.03.2008 - Snapped at the animal blessing during the San Antonio de Abad festivities, this cheeky charmer was anything but camera shy.Lima is three years old and quite accustomed to all the attention and regular walkies in her human companions arms. more...
New job for old breed
Pets01.03.2008 - A local breed of dog has been proposed to be trained as guide dogs for those with impaired sight.
Looking for that perfect someone?
Pets16.02.2008 - Looking for a partner for your desperate canine? Is your pet lonely for a family? Have you given up trying to find the perfect match for your mutt?

Despair no more, theres now a website operating throughout Spain that is working to match your delightful four legged friend with a mate.
Pets16.02.2008 - One in three dogs in Spain are overweight but a new pill is now on the market to help reduce their appetites.

A fat dog is normally one which is also unhealthy and unhappy and the biggest problem is that their human companions fail to see there is a problem, often they are overweight themselves. Leaving your dog overweight will shorten its life and seriously detract from its quality of life, affecting the cardio-vascular system and joints in particular. The problem is that both owners and animals confuse food with love and an animal that is put on a diet only understands that you are no longer feeding it. more...
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