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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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PetsLos Silos - 16.02.2008 - The Canarian leg of the Spanish National Dog Show held in Los Silos as part of the San Antonio celebrations was a huge hit with pets and public.
Pets16.02.2008 - Meet Luna on her way to the hairdressers.
A Christmas kitten or puppy is not just for Christmas
Pets22.12.2007 - If you are considering offering a home to a four-legged friend this Christmas, this must be a forever home so before you even begin to consider the idea, make sure that you yourself are stable and not likely to move away to somewhere where your pet will be unable to accompany you, for example to rented accommodation where pets are not allowed. Spain is one of the worst countries in the Europe for its numbers of abandoned pets, dont let yours become one of them.
Members of the local and island administrations inspect the site
PetsLa Orotava - 22.12.2007 - The council at La Orotava has decided unanimously to offer land to the island council for the construction of the badly needed new animal refuge.
San Miguel
PetsSan Miguel - 22.12.2007 - Our pets portrait is courtesy of J Hornibrook in San Miguel who has some very special felines indeed.
Pets24.11.2007 - A recent report for World Travel Market Global Trends by Euromonitor International is advising the UK travel industry to gear up to offer pet-friendly holidays, perhaps not a bad idea for some of the businesses here too. more...
Our pets are only lent to us for a short time
Pets24.11.2007 - Our pets are only lent to us for a short time due to their average life expectancy, so it is reasonable to assume that most of us who own pets will have to face the death of at least one of our furry friends during our own lifetime. But where do they go when they die? Is there a pet heaven? These are questions that we need answers to at a time which can be devastating, especially if we have been extremely close to a particular animal. more...
Pets24.11.2007 - While I love my children dearly, all of them, as you can see we are down to our last euro, and at the moment were just going round in circles trying to survive to the end of the month! Sincerely. Shell shocked Iilethia more...
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