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Randy Ringo
Who needs sat nav?
A heartwarming story to show that Puppy Love can be just as strong among dogs as humans. An energetic two-year-old golden labrador from La Laguna became so smitten with the ‘girlfriend’, also a labrador, with whom he was paired up to breed pups over the Christmas holidays that he ran away from home not once but twice to be with his new love.

20.01.2013 - Ringo was introduced to six-year-old Becky by their respective owners on a Christmas Day walk to see if they might make suitable partners to create a litter. Heeding advice from a vet, the dogs were then allowed to stay together for a couple of days at Becky’s house to see if they would hit it off, which they did with few problems, becoming literally ‘inseparable’ on several occasions! However, when the time came for Ringo to return home he did not take kindly to the enforced separation and, despite never having gone directly from his home to Becky’s (approximately two kilometres distance), he managed to find the address and turned up unannounced for a joyful reunion. Ringo was allowed to stay the night but was sent packing the next day, with a promise from his owners that he would be secured properly to prevent a repeat visit. Three days later, on January 2, however, a passer-by rang the doorbell of Becky’s house in the centre of La Laguna to recriminate the owners for their forgetfulness in leaving their dog out in the rain. Becky was, in fact, contently chasing cats from her back garden at the time and the front-door dog was none other than Ringo, who had escaped for a second time to be reunited with his girlfriend and was camped on the doorstep. The couple, now dubbed Romeo and Juliet, made full use of the time available to them before Ringo’s by now highly-embarrassed owner returned to haul him away once more. Both sets of owners are looking forward to a very big litter and Ringo, who clearly has a thing for older women, has now been given his own key to let himself in when his services are required again.

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