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Pets galore
The Santa Cruz College of Veterinarians recently stated that up to the end of last year that there are just over 497.000 pets registered as living in the Canary Islands.

07.02.2013 - Thats quite a number. Of those 472.000 are dogs and more than 21.500 are cats, with over 205,000 pets being listed as living in Tenerife and almost 171,000 in Gran Canaria. The organisation meanwhile has guesstimated that these figures represent only 70 per cent of the total number, meaning that there are at least a further 213,000. The group considers that these are the animals that are most at risk of abuse and abandonment as the perpetrators have less reason to worry about detection. Regarding the rising number of abandoned animals, the president of the College, Jorge de Miguel, explained in an interview in the local Spanish newspaper El Da that, In 2011 there was a slight rise in the number of cases, but last year the increase was notable. He also spoke of the latest trend towards pets that are less dependent and expensive than dogs, such as cats, bird and hamsters, and saw it as a positive move. Despite the crisis people still appreciate having animal companions around, but some are perhaps becoming more conscious of the responsibility it involves.

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