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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

Oral hygiene
Breathe easily
Alas, as our furry companions get older they often have a little trouble with halitosis.

15.03.2013 - There are many ways of helping them with this, but the best system is to start a routine of oral care while they are still young. As dogs and cats can't brush, spit, gargle or floss on their own, it will unfortunately be up to you to help them out, so the sooner you start the better. The majority of that bad breath odour comes from hydrogen sulphide, which is waste from anaerobic bacteria that thrive without oxygen when caught in places like the gaps between teeth. Plaque build-up also encourages the accumulation of the bacteria so the main aim should be to keep the teeth as clean as possible. Brushing is, of course, the best method, but not all cats and dogs appreciate this. The trick is to take it slowly, particularly when introducing it to older animals. There are plenty of pet-friendly toothpastes available from pet shops and vets (never use human toothpaste), as well as toothbrushes to suit all although any relatively soft and appropriately sized toothbrush will usually suffice. The first step is to introduce them to the brush even if they only let you place it into their mouths for a few moments, and maybe even have a little friendly chew on it, this is quite a big step. Always praise them for it and keep trying everyday, lengthening the time as you go. Dogs are usually the most receptive to this, particularly as they generally like the attention, if not the brushing itself, but cats can be a little trickier. However, with a little patience you will hopefully soon be brushing all that tartar build-up away. Alternatively there are a number of cleaning chews, treats and toys available which can also help. Speak to your vet about what they recommend, and dont forget that in severe cases it may be worth having their teeth cleaned professionally it could save your pet, and you, a lot of discomfort.

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