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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

Keep them happy
Fish fun
Fish have for long been a favourite pet, especially for children. Compared to a large dog, for instance, there are many varieties that need much less care and attention and they can be the perfect starter pet for kids.

13.04.2013 - However, each type of fish has different needs and thought must be put into your choice. Always consult with the person you are buying them off, as well as doing research on your own. You will require the correctly sized tank, heaters where necessary and various other accoutrements. Water needs changing at regular intervals, the fish need feeding regularly and filters must be cared for. But presuming you have already done all that, and your fish are well, what else can you do for them to make them happy? Almost everyone nowadays knows that fish need objects such as stones and plants, either real or false, in the bottom of the tank to help create an interesting environment. But imagine being a fish and swimming around that tank day, after day, after day. One way of creating a more interesting environment for your aquatic friends is to change the position of the rocks and bridges etc. from time to time. Dont overdo it once a week would probably just leave your fishy friends a little confused, but every couple of months, or when you clean out the tank, it could be a good idea to shuffle things round a little to keep the fish on their toes. So to speak.

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