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Playing dirty
Just desserts?
For those out there who still haven’t got the message about cleaning up after four legged friends, two cautionary tales should be taken into account.

25.06.2013 - To start with, recent figures released by Las Palmas council in Gran Canaria show they are taking the matter seriously indeed by hitting owners right where it hurts – in the pocket. During the last nine months the council has apparently fined no less than 409 people, almost twice as many as the previous nine months. Though that is not the best part of the tail, so to speak. Officials in Brunete, a small town on the outskirts of Madrid have come up with a way of driving the lesson home – literally. Since February of this year a group of 20 volunteers has been on the streets ready to strike up casual conversation with guilty owners. By asking the dog’s name and breed the volunteers were able to trace their address via the council’s dog register and the pile of poo was then boxed up with an official warning and taken straight back to the offenders – delivered by a camera crew ready to catch every embarrassing moment! The campaign has become a big hit on youtube and can be seen at: Leave it behind at your peril.

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