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Adeje Awareness
The objective of the new Adeje, Clean and Healthy campaign is to increase awareness about recycling, street cleanliness, and the responsible care of pets.

13.07.2013 -

The mayor, Jos Miguel Rodrguez Fraga, presented the initiative at a press conference by saying, Adeje already has a very responsible population that is committed to the protection of the environment, and the council is now looking to promote, through an open campaign, a series of interconnected objectives that will create a clean and healthy borough; an Adeje that operates in line with the conditions established by the national network of Healthy Cities.

The mayor then explained that the cross-departmental campaign aims to reach all sectors of Adeje society from a range of different focal points.  To achieve those ends we are meeting with animal protection groups, those who operate animal refuges, vets, and different residential groups to collect as much information as we can regarding pets.

Action will begin in earnest in September and will initially have a one-year life span, during which time the council will organise a series of themed events such as travelling stands, environmental and recycling courses, door-to-door visits, educational and recreational activities, photography competitions, pet tales and story telling, and theatre presentations, as well as using the more traditional media such as radio, television, newspapers, digital media, posters and leaflets.

The campaign image uses old Wild West wanted posters where the public enemy is the filth and rubbish thrown onto the streets and the reward is a clean living space with well cared for pets.

During the presentation the mayor also spoke about the unwelcome increase in the numbers of abandoned pets as a result of the economic crisis.  This kind of poor behaviour doesnt just affect the pets that have been abandoned, but also society in general, and it isnt just cats and dogs.  We have found abandoned horses in the Adeje mountains.  He added that it was important for people to remember that pets are not toys. They are living creatures and must be treated as such.

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