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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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Keep it tidy
We all know that sometimes our pets are just like children. Just like little ones they tire us out, keep us young and give us plenty of love.

13.08.2013 -

 In return we feed them, amuse them and, hopefully, educate them.  And keep them safe of course one of the ways is by keeping certain items well out of reach.  Some things are obvious - toxic cleaning products and sharp objects for example - but here are a couple of things you may not have considered before.  If ingested, plant food or soils that contain insecticides can cause diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures, and even death and theres nothing more fun than ripping open that enticing bag thats just left lying around, or shaking that bottle to within an inch of its life!

Fireworks can also be dangerous.  They contain chemicals such as potassium nitrate, as well as small parts that can get stuck in throats and stomachs.  If eaten they can cause vomiting, bloody diarrhea, seizures, and shallow breathing, so it is important to store them well and pick up any remains after using them.  

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