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Facebook triumph
Güímar doggie beach
Though Granadilla council was quick to announce its proposal for the first beach area for dogs in Tenerife it has been pipped to the post by Güímar which recently opened its own at Playa del Puertito.

25.08.2013 -

The pets’ zone, next to the Club Náutico Puertito de Güímar, runs for two hundred metres along the shoreline and up to the top of the beach. 

The decision came thanks to pressure from Facebook users of the 7 Islas X 4 Patas forum.  Manager of the site, María Cabrera López, was impressed by the speed in which councillors reacted to the request as the beach was opened after only three weeks.   Showing the power of the internet and the popularity of these areas, mayor of the borough Carmen Luisa Castro Dorta said that within days of the opening various tour operators and agencies had already expressed their interest.

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