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Caught red handed
Lanzarote dog fight video
A group of young men from Lanzarote face prosecution after posting a video on Internet showing two dangerous dogs engaged in a vicious fight.

Lanzarote dog fight video

12.11.2013 - The five, including the owner of the dogs, bragged about the event in the clip, which was uploaded on a number of sites and came to the attention of the authorities after appearing on TV news.  The local Guardia Civil took up the matter and managed to identify the culprits, who are seen in the video actively urging the dogs to fight and cause each other harm.  The five were detained for questioning within days and could face up to a year in jail for animal cruelty.  The owner faces additional charges relating to breaches of dangerous pet regulations.  According to local sources, bets were laid on the outcome of the fight. 

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