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Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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The design for the exterior of the new mega-Aquarium
Gran Canaria22.06.2015 - With the first stone laid at a recent special ceremony, construction has officially begun on Gran Canaria’s ambitious aquarium project Poema del Mar. more...
Gran Canaria28.05.2015 - A Las Palmas man had a lucky escape after falling into a gaping hole which opened up in a road as he was standing on the spot. more...
Even heavy weapons such as machine guns were found during the operation
Gran Canaria17.05.2015 - The Guardia Civil, working with Europol and trained sniffer dogs, have busted a weapons trading plot in Spain, possibly for diversion to jihad groups, with ramifications in the Canaries. more...
Teror and other communities benefited from the Indian Community’s appreciativeness
Gran Canaria15.05.2015 - Gran Canaria’s Indian community demonstrated its caring face once again by handing over an impressive donation of food for families in need. more...
Gran Canaria01.05.2015 - Police successes in the fight against credit card fraud continued into May with the smashing of an international network with links to Gran Canaria and which used fake companies to put through payments made with cloned or stolen cards. more...
Computer games don’t belong in the classroom
Gran Canaria20.04.2015 - Teachers in the Canaries have given a warm welcome to the conviction of a mother for assaulting a primary school teacher who rebuked her son. more...
The H10 Meloneras hopes to generate energy from seawater
Gran Canaria05.04.2015 - A Gran Canaria hotel is to invest heavily in a new form of energy generation which could save a lot of money in the future. more...
Caught in the act: fish thieves in Telde
Gran Canaria25.03.2015 - Civil Guard in the Gran Canaria town of Telde have resolved the mystery of the continuous disappearance of large quantities of fish from a local fish farm and the culprits face prosecution after the successful execution of the aptly named Operation Bait. more...
Customers were drugged with burundanga after being lured into the club with the offer of private shows
Gran Canaria18.03.2015 - Two businessmen were victims of a new ‘date rape drug’ used at a gentlemen’s club in Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria recently. more...
 Sex not for sale – the vindictive plan went wrong for the perpetrator
Gran Canaria11.03.2015 - A Gran Canaria woman faces the prospect of a conviction and heavy fine for placing ads depicting a friend she had fallen out with as a prostitute. more...
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