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   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Tunnel trouble again for Las Palmas
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 16.02.2008 - The vulnerability of Las Palmas to traffic problems was again demonstrated with the closure of the main tunnel on the motorway outside the capital.
The Irishmen claim they were paid 28,000 euros to threaten or kill the Norwegian
Gran Canaria04.02.2008 - Police in Gran Canaria believe the recent arrests of five people in connection with an alleged murder plot could represent a major breakthrough in investigations into a series of frauds and extortions on the island in recent years.
Yraya Viera, the 2008 Las Palmas Queen
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 04.02.2008 - The alleged fixing row which marred the Carnaval Queen Gala in Las Palmas rumbled for days after the gala election. The local media has carried stories for a number of days about a back-stage bust-up between rival costume designers over the verdict of the jury, which included several members thought to be friends with the winner. more...
The bank may well have cause to rue its marketing strategy
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 19.01.2008 - A clever marketing strategy by the Caja de Canarias in Gran Canaria may well have backfired on the savings bank. Just days before the Three Kings celebrations on 6 January the bank announced it was selling the much sought-after Wii video game console at certain branches to attract younger customers and was also offering low-interest loans to help them buy the expensive must-have device. more...
Nardy Barrios is responsible for the area
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 19.01.2008 - The oldest bridge in Las Palmas is being restored as part of a plan to inject new life into the citys historical heritage.
Marichalar in Las Palmas
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 19.01.2008 - The estranged husband of Spains Princess Elena was in Las Palmas earlier in the month to attend the funeral of his uncle. more...
Phone companies will find it more difficult to erect masts
Gran Canaria18.01.2008 - Gran Canarias Cabildo is to take a tougher line on mobile phone masts as of this year, although the decision to act is by no means recent.
Jos Segura said there is no evidence to link this case with the disappearances of Yeremi and Sara
Gran CanariaTelde - 18.01.2008 - Interest in the ongoing investigation into the background of Marcos Rodrguez Cabrera, the man arrested in connection with a number of child abductions, has reached beyond these shores. The man is accused of trying to abduct at least two young girls in Gran Canaria on separate occasions and has been sent to prison after being identified by the girls before a judge. The arrest followed an intense police operation following the attempted abduction of a nine year old in Telde at the beginning of January, when a man tried to force her into a white van.
The island houses some of the most important native islander remains
Gran Canaria22.12.2007 - Lack of action by the local and regional authorities could result in one of the most valuable vestiges of native life in Gran Canaria going to waste.
The baby was rushed by Fred Olsen fast ferry from Santa Cruz
Gran Canaria22.12.2007 - A four-day-old baby who was rushed by fast-ferry to Gran Canaria from Tenerife to undergo treatment for an urgent heart problem is said by doctors to be doing well. more...
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