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Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Constitution interest wanes
Gran Canaria22.12.2007 - Public interest in marking the passing of the Spanish Constitution has fallen further in Gran Canaria judging by the poor turnout for this years commemoration. more...
Vagrant dies in A&E wait
Gran Canaria22.12.2007 - Gran Canarias main hospital is under pressure to account for the death of a foreign man who was left in a wheelchair for up to seven hours in the accident and emergency unit. more...
Antonio Castro Cordobez denied the rumours
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 24.11.2007 - Speculation that the Canarian Parliament is to open an official branch in Gran Canaria has been ended by the Speaker, Antonio Castro Cordobez.
Over half a million people a year visit the capital
Gran CanariaLas Palmas - 24.11.2007 - Las Palmas has won its battle with the Canarian government to be included on the list of tourist towns and cities in the region.
Sylvie Guillem kept her word and performed Sacred Monsters in Las Palmas
Gran Canaria24.11.2007 - The ballet dancer widely considered to be the worlds best broke a hospital vigil to keep her promise to perform in Gran Canaria.
T-shirt terrorist
Gran CanariaTelde - 24.11.2007 - A Moroccan who publicly manifested his support for Osama Bin Laden in Telde on the day of the Madrid train bombings in March 2004 will not have to spend time in jail for his defence of terrorism.
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