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Tenerife BC
Left without a League
The once mighty Tenerife Basketball Club, which played in the top flight not so long ago, find themselves in the bizarre situation of not having a league to play in this season, after a snub by other clubs.

05.11.2013 - Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Tenerife left it too late to register for the highest local division, as they were waiting to see if a sponsor would appear to provide an injection of cash.  By the time money did emerge, the Basketball Federation had already drawn up the fixture list and said it was up to the other clubs in the division to agree to bend the rules and allow them to take part.  According to well-informed sources, the club tried to secure enough votes by offering to pay the travel expenses of the La Palma teams to cover the extra cost of flying to Tenerife for the extra away fixture.  The offer was refused and other clubs in the league also vetoed Tenerife’s presence this year, leaving the club with no games.  Less than a decade ago, Tenerife - with stars such as Bernard Hopkins on their books - were rubbing shoulders with Barcelona and Real Madrid in the ACB league.   

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