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CB Canarias
The sky’s the limit!
Tenerife basketball side CB Canarias have been getting used to the dizzy heights of the ACB league in a novel way.

01.12.2013 - The entire team and coaching staff, accompanied by an assortment of local media, made the trip up to the foot of Mt Teide for a visit to the astrophysics Observatory, from where scientists from around the world study the universe, particularly the sun.  The players were given a detailed tour of the telescopes and an interesting insight into the work carried out at the Observatory, which is one of two operated by the Canarian Astrophysics Institute in the Canaries and boasts some of the best conditions for star and planet gazing anywhere in the world.  New signing Luke Sikma admitted he was pleasantly surprised by the freezing temperatures at the summit, which were more like what he was used to at home in Seattle.


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