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Ex-pat in Tenerife spotlight
Billy’s Boot
Billy Ions is a 15 year old British centre forward lad now playing with the CD Ten­erife Cadetes.

02.01.2010 - Chris Todd: How did you get snapped up by CD Tenerife?
Billy Ions: I was playing for the Tenerife South Selection and I was spotted by a scout at the match. Three of us playing that day were asked to sign up with CD Tenerife. As far as I am aware I am the first ever ex-pat to make the grade at my age.

CT: How many times to do you train each week?
BI: We train four times per week at the Tenerife training camp at Geneto near to La Laguna. There are four full size pitches, one grass and three artificial. The club pro­vides a free mini-bus service for all the youth players from the South of the Island for the 100 mile round trip.

CT: Have you had any trials with other clubs?
BI: Yes; Sunderland, Man.Utd and West Bromwich Albion.
CT: What are your strong points?
BI: Strength on the ball and power of shot.
CT: And your weaknesses?
BI: I need to practice more with my left foot. Also to keep training hard in order to accomplish my ambition to become a professional footballer.

CT: How do you rate the standard of football in your league, the Preferente Cadete Tenerife?
BI: To be honest there are five competitive teams out of the twenty in the league. CD Tenerife often win by six or seven goals as you may ex­pect as the best young play­ers in theory should end up at the Island’s main club. We have scored 93 goals in our 14 matches this season. The best win was a 13-0 demoli­tion of El Médano.

CT: So are you running away with the league?
BI:  No, but we are currently four points clear of Aguilas Atletico from Adeje who are followed closely by Laguna and UD Ibarra from El Fraile.

CT: Club supported as boy?
BI: Newcastle United

CT:  Who are your football­ing heroes?
BI: Alan Shearer and Fernando Torres.

CT:  Biggest influence on your career so far?  
BI: My father. He has been known to play a bit himself!

CT: Which player in world football today would you like to play alongside?
BI: Leo Messi (FC Barcelona)

CT: What player would you compare yourself to?
BI: Fernando Torres

CT: If you make it through the ranks of CD Tenerife where would you most like to score your first goal?
BI: That would be easy. At a Real Madrid v Tenerife game in front of 80,000 in the Bernabeu.
CT: Where do you expect CD Tenerife Cadete (U-16) to finish this season?
BI: I am very confident that we will win the champion­ship.

Billy’s first match of the New Year will be a tough match against CD Marino in Las Américas on Sunday Jan 10th. Check­ for kick off details. Search for “Cadete” then scroll down for “Preferente Cadete Tenerife”.
Thanks Billy and good luck for the future!
By Chris Todd

This article appears in the print edition 607 of Island Connections

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