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CD Marino Football Club
Down, but definitely not out
The appointment of president Paco Santamaría, already well known in the sporting field, has added to the optimism that CD Marino are exuding, despite being relegated at the end of last season.

14.09.2013 - As Mr Santamaría says, “CD Marino may have taken a knock, but everyone can hold their heads up high.”  And rightly so – during the second half of last season the team showed the level of play and unity they are truly capable of, and will hopefully continue.  

Santamaría has been a member of the club for many years and welcomes this opportunity to take an active role, considering himself extra lucky to be surrounded by people as dedicated as himself.  He and his team seem to have their plan well worked out and have undergone a comprehensive reorganisation of the club.  From there the next steps are the promotion of the CD Marino brand, the expansion of relations with other entities and the training and development of the many talented players the islands are blessed with.  To be able to succeed Santamaría believes it is important to learn from the determination and hard work of the founders of CD Marino – the fishermen who back in the 1930s created the very first football club in the south of Tenerife: a noble approach indeed.   

And nowadays they also have a very useful asset in the Antonio Domínguez stadium which already provides a focal point for the local community.  From ensuring the stadium is accessible to people with disabilities, to making sure everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, can get involved, the organisers want to actively encourage participation at every level – including from foreign residents and visitors. The club now has their own public relations officer in the shape of Martin Astley: British by birth, but resident here for many years.  His work involves liaison with professional clubs abroad as well as the international community in the Islands.  Support is growing and one British-led fan club has already been created (see CD Marinistas on Facebook).  The message from the club is, “everyone is welcome”.

There is a feeling of enthusiasm and confidence in the air lately - which could take CD Marino far.  Let’s hope so.  


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