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UD Las Palmas
“Chairmen war” escalates
The spectacular surge up the Division table by Las Palmas in recent weeks has seen the Gran Canaria side move into the promotion play-off spots but has been accompanied by more damaging off-the-field bickering between the current chairman and his predecessor.

18.11.2013 - Former chairman Manuel García Navarro, who still holds a big stake in Las Palmas, continues to haunt the club, this time with legal action to annul decisions taken in a crucial shareholders meeting several years ago.  García Navarro alleges he is owed a considerable sum of money by the club and is waging an all-out war to recoup the debt.  However, his tactics have sparked a furious row with current chairman Miguel Angel Ramírez, who upped the level of their mutual animosity with a direct accusation that his predecessor siphoned off transfer fees during his time in charge.  “He is an unsavoury character who has launched a crusade against us.  He can hardly talk about ethics when he left the club with a €72 million debt and in Division 2B.  He should explain to the fans why he pocketed the money from the transfers of Momo and Rubén Castro to Deportivo La Coruña in 2004,” said Ramírez.

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