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UD Las Palmas
Parallel hopes
As Las Palmas continue to come to terms with the cruellest of disappointments, upbeat supporters and sports journalists have been looking for positives to put the team on track for promotion next year.

The club have been compared to Bayern Munich
The club have been compared to Bayern Munich
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21.07.2014 - Parallels with various other sides who failed at the final hurdle but bounced back to achieve their goal are already being drawn, in some cases with teams well above the Gran Canaria club’s level.  Local daily La Provincia compares the yellow and blues to none other than Bayern Munich, who won the Champions League on two occasions after losing out in a previous final.  Closer to home are the examples of Celta and Valladolid, both of whom won promotion to the top flight after missing out in the play-offs the year before.  Meanwhile, the fall-out of the disastrous end to the play-off final against Cordoba, when the behaviour of a group of fans led the game to be halted as Las Palmas looked to be coasting to a win, continues to monopolise news concerning the club, which is set to impose a lifetime ban on the fans who caused the problems.  As reported here, when the game eventually restarted, Cordoba scored within seconds and deprived Las Palmas of a return to the 1st Division.  The incidents led to a €180,000 fine for the club and a further €60,000 for its chairman for his inflammatory comments after the game.

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The club have been compared to Bayern Munich 
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