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Tenerife 8Ball results and league standings
Tenerife 8 Ball
The Island Connections Singles tournament has begun – here are the results from round one...

13.09.2008 - Nathan vs Jamie
(Trap Door A 2nd vs The Brum 1st)
John vs Alan
(Legends 1st vs Hammers B 2nd)
Tony (Legends) vs Carl H (The Swan)
(Runner-up 5 vs Runner-up 8)
Ray vs Chris
(Britannia Inn 2nd vs Britannia Inn 1st)
Sean vs Terry E (The Swan)
(Hammers B 1st vs Runner-up 3)
Stewart (Legends) vs Marcus
(Runner-up 4 vs Lupain 1st)
Lee (Britannia) vs Mick
(Runner-up 6 vs Legends 2nd)
Mike vs Ashley
(Lupain 2nd vs Target Bar 1st)

The league final and trophy night is being held in Legends Bar on September 25th. Island Connections will be there and will bring you a report after the event.  In the meantime, stay on cue.

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