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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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Some stores, such as Alcampo, have already taken the initiative
Living & Lifestyle16.02.2008 - National newspaper El Pais recently carried the news that the Spanish department of the environment is considering the introduction of a ban on single use plastic bags which would be in force by 2010.
Since the introduction of a country-wide levy on these bags (the flimsy small bags normally given out at supermarkets and small shops) of initially 0-15 cents in Ireland, and the subsequent drop in use in the first year of such bags by 90 per cent, other countries have been looking at similar initiatives. In many places supermarkets do charge a small amount for bags, and often offer alternative more durable carriers for their shoppers.
Cancer vaccine
Living & Lifestyle16.02.2008 - The vaccine against cancer of the cervix for girls who celebrate their 14th birthday in 2008 is now available.
Slapping children is now banned in Spain
Living & Lifestyle16.02.2008 - At the end of 2007 the Spanish parliament voted to change the law with regard to slapping children the so called gentle slap which previously enjoyed legal support is out along with all other forms of physical child punishment.
All clothes sold and manufactured in Spain will have standard sizes
Living & Lifestyle16.02.2008 - Its happened to all of us, along you go to buy a new outfit and from one maker to another there can be two sizes or more of difference.

A new study in Spain is aimed at ending all that.
Living & Lifestyle16.02.2008 - During the winter months, our feet tend to be ignored but Spring is on the way so it is time to give them some tender loving care. This not only contribute towards our overall attractiveness, but also to our wellbeing and good health.
A higher percentage of women are choosing to have children out of wedlock
Living & Lifestyle22.12.2007 - The Canary Islands and the Balearics are the Spanish regions with the highest number of unmarried mothers. In fact the number of single mothers in the Canaries is actually double that of Extremadura and Navarra, the two areas with the lowest incidence.
Reading skills have dropped dramatically
Living & Lifestyle22.12.2007 - The latest report from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) shows that Spanish standards of education have fallen over a three year period.
The paint on some toys contains high levels of lead
Living & Lifestyle22.12.2007 - Children are at risk as millions of toys worldwide fail safety tests. Loose parts which can cause choking and high levels of lead in paint are just some of the hazards, and even the best known companies have been known to put youngsters lives at risk.
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Moving from home to living with your partner is a continuation of dependence
Living & Lifestyle24.11.2007 - Nearly half of people in their 20s and 30s live together before marriage. But studies show co-habiting couples typically experience more stress and less success than those who marry.
Rebeca Valentina, born on July 3rd, one of the babies who will qualify for the cheque
Living & Lifestyle24.11.2007 - The Spanish government says that the payment of the new 2,500-euro child benefit should begin at the end of November.
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