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Holiday rentals cheaper in the Canaries
According to TripAdvisor, the largest holiday website in the world, renting a holiday property in the Canaries could mean a saving of up to 41 per cent this season.

04.11.2013 - The website which has a database of 400,000 holiday properties all over the world has made a price comparison of hotel charges and holiday rentals from October 14 to January 31 2014, using a comparison of over 6,500 hotels and 11,000 rental properties.

Their investigations show that this autumn/winter you can save a substantial amount of money in the Canaries by going the rental route rather than booking a hotel.

The analysis is based on the average price of a rental property with two bedrooms, compared to two bedrooms in a three star hotel, in national and international destinations for Spanish residents.  The results show that travellers, especially families and groups, can cut their budget by up to 56 per cent depending on the area, if they choose a rental property instead of a hotel.

The biggest national saving between rental properties and hotels within the same area is in the province of Valencia at 56 per cent, followed by Andalusia with 47 per cent, Cantabria at 43 per cent and the Canary Islands at 41 per cent.

For those who want to travel outside Spain, savings of up to 56 per cent can be made in Florida, 48 per cent in Argentina and 43 per cent in Italy.  Unsurprisingly the lowest saving, at only two per cent is in London.

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