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This is my truth
Pilates has enabled me to dream of a recovery, a slow one in my case, but pleasing nevertheless.

This is my truth

13.11.2013 - When they diagnosed me with carcinoid tumours in the right lung (a rare type of cancer and thus little studied) and, later, also in the left lung and pancreas, the doctors didn’t give me much hope.  I had four operations: a mediastinoscope, half the pancreas plus the spleen removed; five small tumours removed from the left lung and the right lung completely taken out.  I haven’t come out too badly from all that, considering, but I still have complications with arrhythmia, protrusions in the lumbar area and nodules on the spine and thyroid (that’s another operation to come).

My ex boss recommended Pilates to me but I was a little sceptical, particularly as I was very depressed at the time.  The medication I take also makes me put weight on which didn’t help my self esteem either.  But I went because I was in a lot of pain which was affecting every aspect of my life.  I couldn’t even climb 10 stairs in a row.  But since starting Pilates my lung capacity has grown and I am feeling much more positive.  Even though it’s not even six months since my last operation I can already climb 20 stairs, for me quite an achievement, though I accept I will never be the same as I once was.

Pilates is an all-over body and mind conditioning system, though learning to breathe is the most important point in my case.  The arm and leg exercises I can even do lying down, meaning I can gain strength without overtiring myself.  The concentration helps as well - to not be thinking about what has happened and what is still to come.  It is one of life’s luxuries that we should all have in our reach.

All I can say is, “thank you Johan Schaher for giving me your support when I needed help like never before.” 

By Sandra Maria Peraza Caballero

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