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Building regulations
Energy efficient
The Adeje council for urban planning, José María Álvarez Acosta, has proposed the modification of the building regulations to introduce a series of energy saving measures as well as the regulation of liquid gas installations.

17.03.2014 - “One of the government’s commitments is to the environment and in this regard we are working on these modifications regarding lighting and ventilation in line with the Kyoto Protocol and the European Parliament directive 2002/91/.  These measures should mean a reduction in electricity bills for everyone”, said the councillor.

“The design and construction of buildings have a big impact on energy consumption which is why all new buildings have to comply with minimum energy efficient measures adapted to the local climate conditions”, detailed Álvarez Acosta.

The Adeje councillor also explained that the borough was one of the first in the Canary Islands to use piped gas.  “We are looking at an investment in the future, something of huge interest to the tourist and domestic sectors, with a form of gas provision that is a ‘bridge’ to the arrival of natural gas with an expansion plan until 2020.  

“This form of gas is cheaper, space saving and has zero visual impact.  It also means a reduction in the transport of potentially dangerous materials on public roads”, he added. 

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