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Finishing touches
Bathroom blues?
Your bathroom definitely needs a serious facelift, but you just haven't the resources right now to pull the suite out, drag the tiles off the wall, rip up the plumbing and start from new.

02.04.2014 - So, what can you do to brighten up your restroom without spending a fortune?  Well, as long as everything is functioning properly the rest is cosmetics, so there are plenty of relatively cheap and cheerful tricks for making your bathroom look new and inviting.

First of all, take a good look around at what else is in the room apart from the main suite.  You will no doubt be seeing at least one cupboard, various fittings like toilet roll holders, and of course the normal bathroom accoutrements such as towels, toiletries, dirty washing basket etc.

After the suite, the most conspicuous items in the room will be the tiles and the bathroom cupboard.  Having already ruled out a full tile replacement as too expensive or inconvenient right now, you are stuck with those 1970s swirls or revolting colours for another few years, right?  Not so: if you're really not happy with your tiles it may be time to consider a paint job.  Yes, that's right, you can indeed paint tiles - and the effect you can achieve nowadays doesn't compare to the outdated paints that gave a finish not unlike gooey emulsion.  Generally speaking, there are three types of tile paint: epoxy modified acrylic spray paint that comes in a tin and is ready to go; a two-part formula that must be blended together and can be brushed or sprayed on; and a two-process paint with which you first apply a bonding agent and then a top finish coat.  They come in textured and non-textured finishes and in a range of modern colours that are sure to please.  

However, there is a lot of groundwork needed before you can paint your tiles (or the paint will soon start to slip off their glossy surface) so do make sure you follow preparation instructions to the letter or you will regret it very shortly.  That said, the difference it can make, and for a fraction of the price of retiling, is incredible.

Your bathroom cupboard meanwhile is usually one of the main features in what is often a relatively small space, so replacing that can also have a high impact.  To make sure you choose the one that will best suit you (and not just the room's decoration) you should first carefully consider your needs: What do you need to store, who are you sharing with and do you need separate compartments.  Lighting is important as well and it may be worth comtemplating the advantages of integral lighting.  Many units come fitted with these, though installing one where there hasn’t been one fitted before will obviously involve a certain amount of rewiring.

Ultimately, your choice should balance aesthetics with practicality, but replacing that one item will not only brighten up your room, it will also provide a focal point, taking the eye away from other areas that still need work.

Fitting a large mirror can also work wonders – not only for focusing the eye, but for making a small room seem considerably bigger.

Which just leaves the accessories: baskets, towels, hooks, holders, picture frames and curtains etc.  Choose modern or colour coordinated items to liven up and tie together everything in your bathroom, creating a visual harmony that will instantly transform the room.  Again, for a relatively small outlay, you can have a big effect.  And if you can't afford to change everything all at once, do it a few items at a time - but have a firm plan in mind: decide which colours and style you are working with and stick to it - you'll soon have a bright and cheerful area that will always be worth a visit!


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