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The art of focus
As part of your springtime reorganise you may want to choose or change the focal point of your room.

09.04.2014 - This doesn’t have to involve hours of hard work or a large cash investment.  In fact, it doesn’t have to cost any money at all: almost anything can work as a focal point if it’s highlighted in the right way, even everyday objects.

First of all choose a room you would like to enhance.  Then the next time you walk into that area, simply pause for a few moments.  What is the first thing you really notice?  It is that item which would be considered the room’s focal point.  If it is something pleasing such as a window with a fabulous view, an attractive painting or a well placed piece of art, this is a bonus.  However, often the most attention grabbing aspect of a room is something not so aesthetically pleasing, like a large blank wall, a poorly placed television or an oversized piece of furniture.

Sometimes, a room is so full it would appear that it hasn’t any focus, that there is so much for the eyes to take in that our minds become confused and almost irritated.  The first thing to do in those circumstances is get rid of some of the clutter.  Then do the pause and consider step again now that the central piece should be more obvious.

Our focus is often helped along by the natural configuration of a room as our attention tends to follow lines: if the room is long and narrow our eye will probably be taken straight to the opposite end.  Alternatively, if there is an alcove, fire or one significantly larger or smaller wall, these will all catch our attention sooner, rather than later.  You can use these features as a starting point or you can choose another item such as a table, shelf or mirror for example.

Now pick something that you find beautiful or which holds special memories for you and place it in your chosen area.   You don’t have to think big or expensive for this: spot lights or a lamp trained onto a small item placed on a delicate table can be just as striking as a huge painting.

However, if you do choose a large picture or photo, for the best effect pick a bold and uncomplicated design, rather than a fussy pattern or an image that features lots of people or objects. 

If your room is decorated in muted colours, using a centrepiece that is bright and cheerful can be very effective.  If your focal point is small keep other items around it in scale with it; and if you do go big, make sure the piece isn’t overpowering the rest of the room.

Whichever way, change is good for the soul and a little experimenting can be lots of fun. 

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