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Go with the flow
Spring is here!
The phrase spring clean came about with good reason.

12.04.2014 - Spring is the perfect time of year to make your home feel fresh and orderly in preparation for the coming summer.

The practical reasons for this being the traditional time of year for giving your home the once over are obvious once you think about them.  Even here, even in the most blessed coastal areas let alone in mountainous regions, less cleaning is done during cold and wet periods and the months of winter weather can leave items stored in cupboards musty, smelly and even damp. 

This is particularly pertinent when it comes to our wardrobes.  If you haven’t done it over the last few months, this is the moment to take everything, absolutely everything, out of your wardrobe and leave it somewhere to air for a time.  While you are at it you can have a good look through your clothes, shoes and accessories to see if there are any you won’t wear again that you can pass on to charities.  You may have to do your wardrobe one section at a time, but wiping down the cupboard’s surfaces and leaving the doors open for a day or so will also freshen up this main storage area. 

As you are returning items to their resting places you may want to rearrange your clothes and shoes so the spring and summer wear are more to hand – even in those areas where summer reaches last, the change of season is obvious and the very hot weather will soon be with us.

As for cleaning the rest of the house, pay particular attention to those sections which are often missed, such as doorframes; the bottoms and tops of cupboards; the underneath of shelves and the insides of drawers.  Door handles, cables, bulbs and light switches and fittings are all often passed over as well, but would also benefit from a thorough spring cleaning – careful with damp cloths near electricity!

It is also the perfect opportunity to change curtain, tablecloth and towel arrangements.  Wash and store heavier materials and darker colours, and bring out the light shades and finer fabrics.

White, lemon, beige, pastel shades of any colour, and even light grey are all perfect spring colours which will make any living area feel fresh.   Giving any neglected windows a thorough clean will literally allow more daylight into rooms, brightening them up immediately, and this is a good moment to play with furniture positions to see if rooms can be organised in a more effective or pleasing manner, or just for the fun of it if you fancy a change.

Spring has an air of newness about it, of hope and the promise of the things to come.  You can bring a little of that optimism into your home with just a few hours or days work.  It’s a wonderful feeling and well worth the effort.

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