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Gardening knowhow
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Here’s a mix of simple tricks for making gardening that little bit easier.

12.05.2014 - If you don’t want to wear gloves whilst gardening, but don’t like accumulating soil under your fingernails, simply draw your finger ends across a bar of soap to seal the undersides of your nails.  Once finished in the garden, use a nailbrush to remove the soap.

Using a permanent marker, write the names of plants on flat surfaces of stones and place them below each plant; this is especially handy for seedlings.

To remove salt deposits from clay pots: mix equal parts of water, surgical spirit (medical alcohol) and white vinegar in a spray bottle.  Spray on the pot and scrub lightly with a plastic brush (make sure the pot has dried fully before you plant anything in it).

To keep garden twine to hand and under control just pull one end of the twine through the drainage hole of a small clay pot and place the pot upside down in the garden.

To control aphids and similar pests wrap a wide strip of sticky tape around your hand, (sticky side out!) and pat the aphids off the leaves.

If you're planting your first vegetable garden, start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the project: you can grow a surprising amount of food in a six m2 bed.

Mix up your vegetable plants: too many of the same kind in one grouping says "there’s a feast here" to garden bugs that prey on particular types of plants.  The next time you boil vegetables, use the leftover water to irrigate pot plants: they’ll love it (don’t forget to let it cool down first, of course).

And last, but not least: To dry herbs quickly, simply cover the back seat of your car with newspaper; place one layer of herbs across it, then close the windows and doors: not only will the herbs be dry in no time at all, your car will smell amazing. 

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