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Children’s decoration
Jungle joy
Turn your child’s bedroom into a jungle to create a themed room they’ll always be happy to spend time in.

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13.05.2014 - The first decision to make when creating a jungle theme is whether you will be simply adding a few details for interest or whether you want to transform the whole room.

For babies and toddlers it may be a good idea to provide just a ‘hint’ of the tropical, for two very good reasons: so they aren’t overwhelmed by the decoration and so it can be changed easily as they grow and develop their own tastes.  But for those children who already know they would enjoy the feel of being surrounded by exotic plants and animals then there are few limits to the fantasy world you can create for them.

Theming a room doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t need to be an accomplished artist: follow these handy tips to get you started.


A hint of paradise

There are three main ways in which you can add a jungle touch to a room: you can choose appropriate accessories, such as curtains, cushions etc; you can add a border at mid-height, just above the level of the bed or cot, or at around eye height for older toddlers; or you can theme only one wall. 

However, be it a hint or the whole room, you can apply the same methods whichever way you choose.  

The main components of a jungle are tropical plants and wild animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys, colourful birds and butterflies, as well as a dazzling variety of bugs and creepy crawlies.

You can paint these freehand, use cut-outs or stickers, hang pictures or use stencils.  To create your own animal shapes, if you can’t draw them by hand, you can download clipart from the internet or even make tracings from books.  Once you have chosen the characters to populate the jungle you can always enlarge them via photocopying or scanning until they are a suitable size.  Then you can lay them on stiff card, draw round the edges and, hey presto, you have your own homemade stencils.

For the plants, choose a few different leaf and flower shapes and then repeat these around the area you are decorating.  Broad, heart-shaped leaves are good, and it’s easy to draw tall, thin grasses by simply making long strokes, slightly curved at the end, with a narrow paint brush.  You could even include a few live plants, particularly trailing ones, dotted around the room.  

To create an easy background for a mural, paint the top two-thirds blue for the sky; cover the bottom section in green and add animals, plants and trees as you desire.

Bed coverings, throws, pillows, curtains and other accessories can, literally, add another dimension, as can hanging mobiles, plastic plants and/or animal toys on the walls or ceiling.  

Ropes make great makeshift vines (as long as they aren’t a safety hazard) and a coloured light will help create atmosphere, but do make sure there is also a standard white light available, especially if older children will be studying in their rooms.

And for that really authentic feel, a CD of jungle background noises will transport you and your children straight to a tropical forest.


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