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Golden touch
Houseplant heaven
Golden pothos is a perfect pot plant for both avid gardeners and complete beginners thanks to its fabulous tolerance to a wide range of water, light and soil conditions.

25.05.2014 - Also commonly known as devil's ivy, golden pathos has beautiful heart-shaped evergreen leaves, featuring different color variegations of white, yellow or light green depending on variety.

It is a fast-growing trailing plant that in the wild can grow to 20m tall, climbing by means of aerial roots which hook onto trees and adhere to any available surface.

As a pot plant they can reach a height of two metres or more and can be found in almost all garden centres: the most usual variety available in the archipelago being the one known here as Potho Tutor which has a deep yellow-green variegation.


Care and conditions

Golden Pathos has made its home so well in tropical and sub-tropical forests across the world that in some areas it’s been deemed an invasive species.  However, this does mean that it suits our islands’ climate perfectly as they have a preference for warmth.

It also means that it’s highly adaptable to various levels of light and can be surprisingly happy in a relatively dark room.  Its favourite, though, is bright, non-direct sunlight.  Whilst it is possible to grow older plants in full sun, they will lose some of their distinctive yellow marbling and may have a tendency to scorched leaves. 

They like a well-drained medium soil, neither too clay nor sandy, and will usually be fine in ordinary potting compost, possibly with a little sand mixed in. 

Soil should be kept moist, but not wet, so water when the earth begins to feel dry to the touch.  They will appreciate a dose of liquid fertiliser at least every other week from spring through to October, but this can be reduced during the winter period.

They need average humidity, which is easy to produce in the home but if kept outside in summer or unseasonal hot spells they will appreciate a gentle spraying with water once or twice a week.

They can be trained to grow upwards around a central support and also make excellent hanging plants as they quickly form a beautiful cascade of leaves.   Furthermore, they are extremely easy to trail across a ceiling or around a door, window or other feature. 

Now is the time to repot them if necessary, and is also a good moment for taking cuttings to create new plants.  Using a rooting hormone will increase the odds of success, but cuttings are usually successful as long as they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Golden pathos is slightly poisonous so should be kept out of the way of pets and small children, but is also extremely efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene and benzene: so they make for a healthier household as well as being attractive and easy to care for. 

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