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Ceferino Rodríguez
05.01.2014 - Gran Canaria’s Ceferino Rodríguez became the first Canarian boxer to successfully defend an EBU-EU crown, with a unanimous points win over challenger Daniel Rasilla before Christmas. more...
Boxing14.10.2013 - In the boxing game you are supposed to be over-the-top by the age of 40, but try telling that to the remarkable American fighter Bernard Hopkins who, when he was in his 30’s held the world middleweight title for 10 year, during which he successfully defended his title on 20 occasions, ducking none of the young contenders who challenged him for his title. more...
Vitali Klitschko
Boxing30.03.2012 - Could any heavyweight out there defeat a fit Vitali Klitschko? more...
Terry Marsh
Boxing14.02.2012 - An article I wrote recently raised some doubt amongst boxing fans regarding the truth of the facts.
A boxing legend called a turnip
Boxing14.09.2011 - A real blunder was made a few weeks ago when tourism chiefs in Llandudno, North Wales distributed 130,000 leaflets about British boxing legend Randolph Turpin, and referred to him as Randolph Turnip!
Iron Mikes a bird lover!
Boxing12.08.2011 - Ive known for years that Ive something in common with the former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson and also the Queen. more...
Bizarre first round for Nicky
Boxing11.08.2011 - When Tenerife-based Nicky Cook attempted to regain his WBO world super featherweight title which he lost to Roman Martnez back in March 2009, his fight with champion Ricky Burns, the 93 seconds of the first round which was the length of the entire fight, was certainly bizarre.
Nicky and some of the Tenerife stall holders with his belt
Boxing14.07.2011 - Over the past few weeks few will have spotted a lonely figure chugging along the roads which lead to Mount Teide and the sweat burning through his eyes, blinding him briefly before trickling down towards his gasping lips, and as boxer Nicky Cook eventually feels that the incline under his feet is slowly approaching vertical proportions at the base of the mountain he turns to head downwards, the run giving way to a merciful gradual descent. more...
Ricky Hatton presents one of the trophies
Boxing02.06.2011 - Former world champ Ricky Hatton and European Champion Jamie Moore were both in the audience at a recent Las Amricas Boxing night.
Can Haye put Klitchko on ice?
Boxing31.05.2011 - Gamesmanship and intimidating an opponent has been part of boxing since the sport began. Even in the bare-fist days, the then great heavyweight world champion John L. Sullivan would walk into a bar announcing that he could lick any son of a bitch in the house.
Sir Henry left a unique legacy
Boxing25.05.2011 - When Sir Henry Cooper died of heart failure on April 30th Britain lost the most popular heavyweight ever to climb into a ring. more...
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