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Klitschko surprised by brawling Brit
Could any heavyweight out there defeat a fit Vitali Klitschko?

Vitali Klitschko
Vitali Klitschko
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30.03.2012 - Probably not, with the possible exception of his younger brother Wladimir, and thats one boxing contest that will never take place for the brother vowed years ago that they would never step into a boxing ring to face each other in serious combat.
Ten years ago I wrote in my column in Island Connections that given the opportunity I was certain the Ukrainian-born fighters would rule the heavyweight division for they were good enough even then to whip anybody, with both of them having all the physical tools to make them the leading candidates for world title belts.  And it came to pass for the brothers now hold all the world heavyweight title belts, Vitali the IBC title and Wladimir the IBF, WBA and the WBO belts.
They re the new breed of giant heavyweights who have the athleticism to go along with their strength.  However theres more to the two then their physical attributes for they are both doctors of sports science having studying at the University of Kiev and have got brains as well as brawn.  Elder brother Vitali has more strings to his bow that being a world heavyweight boxing champion as he is now head of Ukraines UDAR political party and involved in Ambassadorial work for the Euro 2012 soccer tournament which takes place in Poland and the Ukraine this summer.
When I was a young teenager I thought that the likes of British heavyweight champions such as Doncasters Bruce Woodcock and in later years Henry Cooper were giants of the ring weighing- in around the 14 stone mark. Well, were not exactly surrounded by pygmies these days, for Vitali Klitschko who, on the 18th February put his WBC world title on the line against Britains Dereck Chisora at the Olympiahalle in Munich, stands at 6ft 8 inches and usually weighs in for a contest at about the 18 stone mark.  The shameful displays between Chisora and fellow Brit Davie Haye at the post-fight conference was an embarrassment to British boxing, and the late Sir Henry Cooper must have been turning in his grave, for he was a gentleman in and out of the ring - the reason for him being the fans most loved and respected British fighter ever.  All the news following the Klitschko/Chisora contest was about the disgraceful scenes after the fight, which was a loss for Chisora really, for he fought like a lion throughout the 12 rounds and pressured the big Ukrainian every round and took Dr Iron Fists biggest right-handers, proving the resilience of his chin, while belting Klitschko with some great body punches under the heart with his own right fist which should have made the fight much closer than the judges scoring.
To be truthful, I though it would be an easy night for Klitschko and I thought the big man thought so too, but as the fight progressed he found, at 40, the pace and pressure brought by Chisora really tough to handle, and was still gasping for breath for ages after the win, for he was far more experienced than Chisora, having had 45 pro fights with only two losses, which were both through injury in the ring and having to retire.  Most of the wins were by the way of knock-outs and he has never ever been knocked down to the canvas. The Londoner however had been involved in only 17 contests and had been beaten in two of his last three fights. Vitali, even on an off night usually finds a way to win, and I cant see anyone from the heavyweight division at present, I would fancy to beat him. Who said Manchesters Tyson Fury?  Well he could be equal to him in weight and height, but nothing else at present.  So the man from the East will rule the roost for a while yet.

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