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Joe Louis won, but he knew he had been in a fight
Boxing17.06.2008 - It was August 30th 1937 and the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Joe Louis, who many people in boxing consider to be the greatest heavyweight boxer of them all, and I for one wouldnt dispute that, was preparing to enter the ring in the Yankee Stadium, New York, to make the first defence of his world title.

He became a champ by beating three ex-world heavyweight titleholders in a total of 17 rounds, before taking the world crown off James J Braddock, who he stopped in eight rounds. more...
Ricky will be expected to triumph in his next bout on May 24th
Boxing27.05.2008 - Seneca (4BC 65AD) Roman philosopher and playwright
An athlete cannot bring true courage to his fights unless he has sometimes been beaten.
The fighter who has seen his own blood,
whose teeth have been rattled by a blow from his opponent,
who has not lost his spirit even when hurled about the ring,
who every time he has been knocked down, has got to his feet again more pugnacious than ever,
this is the man who faces his next fight with confidence.
Joe Calzaghe  his next and possibly last fight could be against Bernard Hopkins
Boxing17.05.2008 - Heavyweight boxing has certainly changed since those bare-knuckle fighting days of the 19th century, an age when to be the best man in England was to be the best man in the world. An age when prize-fighters. the likes of Jem Belcher, Tom Cribb, Tom Sayers and Jem Mace ruled the roost at various times and payment varied.

Partly it consisted of side-stakes, put up either by the boxers themselves or by their backers. Sometimes a purse was given from the gate money or nobbings (money spontaneously given by spectators). Partly through the last-named, some fighters were known to have been enriched to the tune of some 500 after an exciting contest, which was a small fortune in those days. more...
Sandwiched between two boxing greats, Englands John H. Stracey and Mexicos Rubn Olivares (l and r )
Boxing09.05.2008 - For decades, the boxing community looked on with envy as legends from other sports were inducted into their respective halls of fame. In America, the shrines to baseball, football and basketball are located in the ancestral homes to those sports. But boxing had no such geographical origin.

The idea for a boxing Hall of Fame germinated out of a towns love for one and later two of its hometown boys who became world champions. In 1982, residents of Canastota decided to honour former welterweight and middleweight champion of the late 1950s, Carmen Basilio and his nephew Billy Backus who won the world welterweight title in 1970. more...
Bernard Hopkins (on the right) - one of the great middleweights of our time
Boxing19.04.2008 - It was a fantastic win for the Welsh Dragon in front of his home crowd of more than 50,000 fans in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, and a do-or-die fight for him which may sound like an odd statement to make considering that he was a fighter who was unbeaten in 43 fights and was the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world already, as a result of his scintillating win over the American favourite Jeff Lacy in March 2006.
Puerto boxers WBO dream ends
BoxingPuerto de la Cruz - 19.04.2008 - Puerto de la Cruzs Juan Garca has failed in his bid to become WBO intercontinental superlightweight champion in the Ukraine. more...
Jack Dempsey in the ring
Boxing10.04.2008 - I was interested to learn recently that promoter Frank Moloney was going to feature a womans boxing bout on one of his bills for the first time. Unlike female boxing in the USA and particularly in Germany, one lady has made it big business over the years and inspired a generation of female fighters in the country. Regina Halmich a flyweight version of Muhammed Alis daughter Laila and IBF world champion was involved in her final contest last November and the audience watching on TV peaked at 10.2 million, a record for womens boxing and an amazing 38.3 per cent share of the nations viewership. more...
Louis with Max Schmeling
Boxing28.03.2008 - However, the Brown Bomber as he was nicknamed was no mere slugger, as his boxing was of a high order. His economy of movement was a lesson to all, he didnt parry a punch where a slight turn of his head would do as well, nor did he throw a punch when there was no opening. As a boxing scientist he ranked pretty high, as a hard hitter, very high. Few champions have had such a swift, and some say such an easy climb to the top, but it in no way detracts from the reputation of this remarkable fighter to say that he was fortunate to flourish at such a time. Im certain he would have reached the top in any age but he probably would have had to work harder if the likes of Muhammed Ali had been around during his career.
Haye will take on all-corners
Boxing16.03.2008 - Although boxing can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, there was a long gap in its history and the sport as we know it today has rules that were cultured and sculpted by an English aristocrat, the Marquess of Queensberry, by the end of the 19th century.
George meets up with Ken
Boxing22.02.2008 - So Im sitting in my seat in the theatre of a hotel I was staying at in New York, awaiting the arrival on stage of Tony Orlando remember him with his group Dawn and their massive hit Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree? - when a huge figure of a man squeezed past me to get to his seat.
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